Diagnostic Risk Assessment (DRA) Health Services was established in 2011 to assist physicians with diagnostic services in a clinical setting. As a result of contracting in physician clinics and requests to adjudicate claims, DRA Health Services became credentialed with most major health care plans. Later, DRA Health Services could fulfill an unmet need to minimize the quality measure gaps of the diabetic retinal exam. By utilizing retina cameras, images are captured and transmitted through a HIPAA compliant portal to a retinal specialist for assessment and interpretation. The assessed reports are transmitted back to the physician and placed in the patient record. This process began to drastically decrease the burden of capturing the diabetic retina exam. 

Through evolving partnerships with major health care organizations, DRA Health Services began to directly partner with many of the major health care organizations to alleviate the burden of capturing patients in need of the retinal eye exam through health fairs and home visits. In 2016, DRA Health Services became a national distributor with Welch Allyn and Volk for handheld retina cameras. At DRA Health Services, we strive for a commitment to excellence and superior customer service.


CEO Tony Gines

Over 16 Years of pharmaceutical and device experience

  • Product acquisitions
  • Product Launches
  • Contracts/Distributorship Executive